Cheap Flights to Providenciales from $107 in 2023 - KAYAK (2023)

Cons: "The headset jack didn’t work at my seat"

Pros: "Crew was great.."

Cons: "Seats were not comfortable..I got sick two days later. Changing out the air after each flight would be good."

Pros: "Yes the crew was great."

Cons: "It was a short 2.5 hr flight. Jet blue provided packaged snacks and a soft drink at no additional charge. Other airlines charge for everything. A carry on and a handbag were also allowed which others don't. The seats are leather and have more room. Seems Jet Blue is the last one of those traditional airlines giving more for your money. Thank you Jet Blue ! I am sold."

Pros: "Boarding was reasonable, movies were ok and crew was attentive. Overhead space was good and leg room was satisfactory. Does seem to be a bit big than other airlines."

Cons: "Would prefer Seats to have been more comfortable. Difficult to place backpack under seat due to TV utility box. Snacks could have been better such as dried fruit, vegetable chips or herbal, decaf tea."

Pros: "I generally love JetBlue snacks"

Cons: "Flight was freezing (like they wanted us to buy blankets from them). We sat on the runway for 1.5 hours and they wouldn’t let us go to the bathroom or give us an update on what was going on until just before we took off. The crew were generally rude and obnoxious. Awful service."

Cons: "Cleanliness. Folding tray was dirty and smeared with god know what and there was food lying on the floor when we got in."

Pros: "Everything!"

Cons: "Nothing. Everything was amazing."

Pros: "Great legroom"

Cons: "Could not connect to Internet."

Pros: "Crews work really hard to serve all the passengers, thanks for the good service! I like the idea of serving the food first for the older and younger passengers I think that’s a great idea!"

Cons: "Keep up the good work! Bathroom is always clean and smells good!"

Cons: "Should have booked another airline."

Cons: "Flight was late more than 7 hours with no credible explanation"

Cons: "More Lego room"

Cons: "Entertainment systems were very old. Some were not working. Old plane overall"

Pros: "The seats were great! Loved the legroom!"

Cons: "There were a lot of old movies in the selection."

Pros: "The flight was on time, and we boarded quickly and promptly."

Cons: "They sat me next to the bathroom which I found really disgusting. It was hard to eat while listening to people endlessly flush the toilet. Disgusting."

Pros: "Old but clean plane"

Cons: "Crew had no personality"

Pros: "The seat was good, snacks is good."

Cons: "I wish the crew would did a little more to ask the people behind me stop playing the loud music and talking loud. Also rap music with bad language with children next to it is not a good idea. I actually like rap but not listening loud with the speaker on with kids in the plane is not considerate."

Cons: "Changing the gate - should of been announced!"

Cons: "Woman next to me overflowed into my seat."

Pros: "MY seat was broken and couldnt recline which made it very hard to sleep for me"

Cons: "I asked the stewardess and she couldnt have cared less"

Pros: "Seats were comfortable. Quick check-in and boarding."

Cons: "The TV did not work. It would go out all the time and then do this annoying flicker almost the whole flight while the TV worked for both people in my row.The skipped us when they were doing drinks and snacks the first time. I was going to buy food as well and she just walked past ou seat in a rush."

Pros: "I canceled my flight over a month ago and deleted the trip in Kayak. Please update your system."

Cons: "Took off a little late"

Cons: "There was no video screen available"

Pros: "The crew was courteous and efficient. The seats were comfortable"

Cons: "Boarding was a bit of a mess. Then we got stuck on the runway for 40 minutes. And I was frustrated because the inflight entertainment cut out. When it came back it was different movies so I couldn’t finish what I’d been watching. Also the WiFi didn’t work."

Pros: "The service"

Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "Not much"

Cons: "Same as above"

Pros: "On time, comfortable seats in economy class."

Pros: "Pilot did great job at landing."

Cons: "Flight was delayed without explanation and airplane was quite old."

Pros: "Lots of water ..."

Cons: "Cramped up . Need more"

Pros: "Safe quick flight for the long journey despite delay in boarding and departure"

Cons: "Major delays not only going but returning with JetBlue. This was my first time flying them and I’m likely to never use them again. Poor customer service as no one was willing to help with WiFi set up on the way going since I’ve never flown them. Luckily I found 1 nice flight attendant and he helped point me in the right direction in set up. Overall not impressed with service and performance of this carrier."

Cons: "Landed half hours early and had to sit on the plane until there was an open gate. Really?????! Punished for being early! Give me a break"

Pros: "Legroom is better than most other airlines and crew was very nice"

Cons: "We were delayed on the runway after boarding for an hour and arrived in Burbank an hour late. My screen was broken and I was unable to access any movies or tv shows. Finally, they ran out of meals early on in the flight."

Cons: "Asked the stewardess to have a blanket and water she had not brought. Service was bad ."

Pros: "Free WiFi, screen entertainment options are good though I didn’t take advantage. Crew alway super nice. Apparently there were some computer issues in th cockpit but pilot got through it without much delay."

Cons: "No power plugs at the seats. I’ve become accustomed to outlets on JetBlue flights and now other domestic carriers. Thought I’d get work done but the one time I didn’t charge up my laptop I find out I’m out of luck. Plane was visibly part of an old fleet."

Pros: "Charging port, tv with lots of options like music, tv, and movies. free snacks and beverages."

Cons: "delays and gate was switched last minute and I wasn't notified so was very close to missing my flight"

Pros: "Nothing!"

Cons: "Flight was delayed 3 hours, and we arrived to our resort extremely late and tired. We did not get a room we wanted, and had to change the next day since our flight delayed us."

Cons: "Delayed"

Cons: "TV screen was working for some, but not for others."

Pros: "Free WiFi was great, but wish I could sign in with my Amazon account instead of setting up TrueBlue."

Cons: "The food cart rushed by without asking if we wanted anything. Also not clear until after food purchase that free snacks would be available throughout the flight."

Cons: "Mechanical problems delayed the flight one hour."

Pros: "The temperature on the plane was great."

Cons: "The TV’s were not steaming live TV, we were in turbulence the entire flight and only got served at the last hour. I was not able to store my carry on and had to check it which took over 30 minutes to arrive at baggage claim. We also borates the plane without a pilot which I thought was against FAA regulations and were delayed by 45 minutes."

Pros: "Crew was very friend, Erick in particular was very nice."

Cons: "Took way too long to board, because apparently we had to wait for one more flight attendant before anyone can board. Delayed our boarding and ultimately departure time as well."

Pros: "The plane had more room overall than comparable and more expensive flights from other major carriers. The crew was professional and efficient."

Cons: "Food options were limited and unappealing, though pretty standard for industry. Flight was short in duration ~3 hrs, so not a real issue.. I thought that selling blankets and pillows was very cheap BUT that savings is reflected in ticket cost and a better flying environmemt and experience from start to finish."

Pros: "JetBlue always does a great job Monday non-stop between Reno and New York. The seats are comfortable the space is good internet is free and the crews are always Friendly!"

Pros: "I like the boarding process which they board the end of the aircraft first (row 20-25) then move up (15-25) then up. I think it's very sufficient. The entertainment was good even though I thought more choices can be available"

Cons: "The seat is super uncomfortable... I couldn't sleep at all even though I was very tired...."

Cons: "A complimentary lunch meal should be served."

Cons: "The flight left New York more than 2 hours late and got into Rochester very late also"

Pros: "Comfy seats. Snacks. Easy boarding. Online checkin was a breeze."

Cons: "JFK security screening was slow for the volume of people. LONG queue line. Made me reconsider and apply for PreCheck to prevent future backups. Not JetBlue's fault, but JFK, like LAX and other major hubs is a labrinyth with many levels of hell to overcome. Leave ample extra time. Esp if you have checked luggage."

Pros: "Always travel jetblue, is always on time, friendly, and attentive. Love the leg space the planes are so easy to move around."

Cons: "The only regrets is the snacks they are so cheap with that. I wish that they would change that even if it was a little bit. Thank you I still love JetBlue."

Pros: "Amazing crew!"

Cons: "NA"

Cons: "Very good"

Cons: "I think all was very good"

Pros: "Pilots kept us abreast of timing and upcoming turbulence"

Cons: "The seat back screen was broken, but the screen itself was always on, so in addition to no entertainment, I couldn’t even have darkness"

Cons: "The unfortunate delay prevented me from attending my grandmother’s wake. Fewer delays would be helpful."

Pros: "Taco"

Cons: "Taco"

Pros: "everything"

Cons: "Great flight but old regional jet"

Cons: "Always need more room"

Pros: "Predictably late."

Cons: "Be on time."

Pros: "The crew was nice, and they served plenty of drinks. They even give a free light meal on the JFK-LAX flight. Decent in-flight entertainment options and free WiFi for use with WhatsApp and iMessage only."

Cons: "There wasn't nearly enough legroom. The plane was an old 767; it would have been nice to have a power outlet too."

Pros: "Crew was very fast but not enough during boarding and people had brought oversized carry on luggage to the gate requiring stowing. We had checked a carry-on at check in and paid $30 while several people got theirs stowed for free which seemed unfair."

Cons: "The charging for checked luggage has created a situation that was unfair for all travellers and ultimately made the plane’s departure late. This policy drives people to bring too much luggage into the cabin, putting at risk the safety of others and delays."

Cons: "My 'window' seat had no window! Feeling was claustrophobic"

Pros: "The flight was on time at departure and 30 minutes on arrival."

Cons: "Since I got a good deal on the ticket, my boarding zone was “Basic”. That kind of sucked, but I still could fit bag in the airplane so it all worked out"

Pros: "First class flight attendant shantee was fantastic. Breakfast was strange menu...but tssted ok."

Cons: "Better menu choice."

Pros: "Early arrival. On time departure. Good selection of movies"

Pros: "I was seated in economy comfort. Compared with Delta's Econoomy Comfort, I felt that the KLM seat had more legroom and greater recline."

Cons: "The dinner was awful. No choice of meal. Everyone got a small plastic contained filled with macaroni in tomator sauce. Nothing else. Incredibly bad. Breakfast was better. Sausage and eggs, melon, yoghurt. But who is in the mood to eat at 2 am?"

Cons: "More room."

Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "Overall, the flight was great but the crew was so nice. We would love for the chairs to be more comfortable to support sleep on these long flights."

Pros: "Food was great Legroom was excellent Stewardess super nice Was able to sleep"

Cons: "No leg rest"

Pros: "Overall ok."

Cons: "Cabin was freezing."

Cons: "The flight from. JFK to Barcelona was delayed as well. Their computers were down in Atlanta. So everyone had to have their name hand typed into a computer when boarding. Then the pilot said that our bags are usually weighed and computerized for even distribution on the plane. That system was also down, so we sat on the runway waiting for that problem to be fixed. When we arrived at Barcelona, I unpacked and discovered a jacket and pants in my luggage were wet. The only place that could have happened was at JfK during their rain storm and the luggage weight issue."

Pros: "The flight was very good, no complaints, good service and we flew on schedule"

Cons: "We were split into two boarding groups, one for priority and one for everyone else. This was good but the priority line was just a bit too far away for the announcements to be heard. This added a little bit of confusion. This was at gate B36 at JFK Airport's Terminal 4."

Pros: "Friendly"

Cons: "Wouldn't let us check in til right before so our family was split all over the plane"

Pros: "How professional everyone was"

Cons: "Everything was good"

Pros: "Crew were very friendly specially with my 6yrs old daughter"

Cons: "Unexplained delays, lack of transfer services (there was no separate connections security screening; passengers were required, after a redeye flight and customs, to switch floors and stand in long lines with general security. Also, no beverages of any kind were offered."

Pros: "Everything escept the seat that was too small. I also had problems with the entertainment when trying to see movies."

Cons: "Seats too small ant could not watch Movies beacause the screen was defective."

Pros: "Overall experience was great, landing, crew, snacks, movie selections it all was great"

Pros: "Seating was very nice and a free move was a plus"

Cons: "Boarding is a free for all. People cannot find their seats and put their luggage in the overhead. Board the plane from the back first"

Pros: "Snacks and drinks were yummy and very appreciated. Entertainment was great. Tons of shows and movies and all for free. There was also free iMessage only WiFi which was enjoyed while messaging friends and loved ones while in the air."

Cons: "For the amount of passengers boarding, they started the boarding process way too late which resulting in a delay taking off. The entire boarding process felt sloppy, disorganized, and hectic. They allowed passengers to board that were seated at the end of the plane while some 1 was boarding, causing tons of congestion. The boarding process was the slowest I have ever experienced in all the flights I’ve been on. The crew was ok, but slightly snappy/rude like typical New Yorkers. The flight from ft. Lauderdale to New York was much more pleasant."

Pros: "Nothing. My flight got canceled."

Cons: "Delta offered nothing for canceling my flight, rescheduling me on one over 24 hours later with two layovers to Miami. I lost money on hotel reservations and never even made it on my trip. Couldn’t reach delta for over 24 hrs to confirm whether I’d get a refund or not"

Pros: "It was great"

Cons: "Some of the flight attendants were rude and not very welcoming at all."

Pros: "Entertainment is very good"

Cons: "Send my carry on bag, outside."

Pros: "I got off the flight at out side,but i forgot to carried my small bag .and then the Crew returned me the bag very soon.they were very kind,thank you very much."

Pros: "A pretty well-run flight, till we landed and waited on the tarmac for a gate. Otherwise, uneventful. Lunch was decent. Crew was good."

Pros: "Decent selection of in-flight entertainment. (The entertainment unit was sub-par to allow full enjoyment.)"

Cons: "Older plane had undersized, non-responsive touch displays so passenger behind felt like a woodpecker. Also, retrofitted to provide in-seat power with metal box under seat in front of you makes it very uncomfortable for window passengers who don't have space to stow bag under seat in front of them or for their feet. (Uncomfortable on a long flight.)"

Pros: "The space we had, the breakfast provided, the movies/TV shows available, and the staff."

Cons: "I was a concerned when I couldn't select seats during check-in and was informed that our seats would be assigned at the gate. After boarding, it made more sense since it wasn't a full flight; I could understand that was likely done so the plane would be weight-balanced. It just caused me some concern the day before."

Pros: "movie choices are great"

Cons: "the people sitting behind me kept talking about dying from the aircraft, it makes me uncomfortable."

Pros: "The crew was good and attentive"

Cons: "The management was horrible, if you already knew the pilot was working extensive hours you could have had another pilot on standby just in case... I'm sure it would have been a lot cheaper and less of an inconvenient for everyone on the flight..."

Pros: "Nothing"

Cons: "3.5 hour delay due to lack of co-pilot. No consessions for delay when asked at gate. Lack of leg room. Broken tv, I asked twice to be fix nothing was ever done."

Pros: "The crew was amazing and the food was pretty good for airplane food."

Cons: "The boarding process was a nightmare, no announcements were made in English so half of the passengers were confused. The seats were sooo uncomfortable."

Cons: "Most everything was excellent, however my 2 year old daughter's in seat entertainment screen wasn't working. It was a full flight and there was no option to change seats. I brought it to the flight attendants attention however she wasn't able to reset it. A 7-hour flight from NY to Zurich travelling with small children without the movies was not as pleasant as it could have been."

Pros: "At least the plane didn't return to the gate and we departed 7 hours late."

Cons: "All the delays and gate changes with no explanations and only informed via text message. The weather wasn't even that bad. Missed the connecting flight to Bucharest and part of vacation time."

Pros: "I was delayed coming from an international flight and was so thankful for the help from delta at the counter and at the gate. I did lose my bag but that was my fault in the confusion of jfk. I got my bag in 2 days."

Cons: "When i got my bag back the handle wouldn't go down fully. Baggage handlers must've mishandled it and bent something."

Pros: "The crew was excellent"

Cons: "We decided to volunteer to take a different flight from our connection to New York because they were overbooked. When it came time to board the international flight, they screwed up our boarding passes and made us wait until the end to board. We were zone 1, priority boarding. The tv screens were very small and so glitchy I stopped watching my movie halfway through. The connector flight from philly to NYC was much more comfortable and had beautiful screens."

Pros: "plane had individual movies for free with each seat!"

Pros: "Delta Studio with closed caption"

Cons: "some series do not have closed caption"

Cons: "Well, you could have felt that when there is an unprecedented pandemic illness and federal guidance against travel that you don't doubly penalize customers who (1) cannot travel due to the extraordinary public health crisis of COVID 19 and, (2) are devastated that he cannot celebrate his best friend's 40th birthday despite being the thing he looked forward to for months and would love to use a travel voucher in the future when this whole thing eventually blows over. Imagine what your company could gain by being good."

Cons: "Timely communication"

Cons: "Eliminate charges on overhead bags. This is nickel and dimming the costumer and makes the cost of the overall flight misleading."

Pros: "Super quick boarding"

Cons: "The flight was delayed at take off and at deplaning and we were never told why or even that we were delayed. We just sat there"

Pros: "New plane, very comfortable. Crew handled weather delay well."

Cons: "EWR Terminal B3 has the worst TSA capacity I’ve seen in a long time - understaffed, no TSA PreCheck (& no option to go through a different security check point), resulting in very slow lines from inadequately shepherded inexperienced international travelers. I won’t take Sun Country again thru’ EWR"

Cons: "No inflight entertainment. No free snack. $40 for a carry on!"

Pros: "It landed early."

Cons: "Some complimentary snacks. No extra fee for online check-in. It’s cheaper to you to allow people to check themselves in online than make people check in at the desk that was woefully understaffed. Made it a terrible experience for all"

Cons: "Flight was delayed for five hours with no communication from sun country reps"

Pros: "Comfortable and clean cabin"

Cons: "Nicer staff (we are used to southwest)"

Cons: "Quality for everything."

Cons: "Terrible delays. Charged me $400 for canceling the flight although it’s their mistake for delays. Then i booked Sun Country flight and didn’t make it. They harmed me $200 and gave me vouchers. Spent $1600 in one day to make it to my destination. Horrible experience."

Pros: "Both of my flights boarded and left a little early. This is so rare and minimizes stress."

Cons: "There were no snacks available"

Pros: "Terrible online check in process 10 hour delay!"

Pros: "Crew was good. Seat was hard and the tall woman behind me kept jabbing her knees into my seat. Very unpleasant"

Pros: "Two and half hour delay, they charged me 35.00 for one carry on luggage"

Pros: "We were scheduled to leave at 9:55 am and delayed until 6:30 with zero compensation and little communication."

Cons: "Zero compensation and zero communication terrible customer service"

Pros: "I liked that SY fly new Boing 737-700. Good and safe airplanes. Speedy check-in and bording. Pilots and flight crew were very nice. Good Service."

Cons: "I booked through a 3rd party and needed to change departure time - not good. I thought SY could help but I needed to go back the party I initially booked with - not very customer friendly. Will book directly with SY from now on."

Cons: "baggage was slow, missed our shuttle."

Pros: "Nothing"

Cons: "Sun Country website was down so I couldn’t check in. I received an error message. When I got to the airport the computers were down so the line was very long. They continued checking people’s bags and when we got to security several peopke missed the 1pm flight Lax to Minneapolis flight. When I tried to rebook the Sun country air employees scolded me and others for coming to the airport late. Long story short I bought and American airlines flight home I’ll never fly with them again... I’ll spread the word amongst my community."

Pros: "Kayak is super easy to use and get the cheapest flights."

Cons: "The crew was rude and not useful at all. Poor customer service."

Pros: "Good airline"

Cons: "No food"

Cons: "I was in the 7th row and by the time they got to me with food/beverages they were out of burgers and sandwiches."

Pros: "Safe and smooth"

Cons: "Delayed due to fog. Certainly that is nothing that kayak or same country can control however it would have been nice to be notified earlier. All in all a great flight happy to get home safe"

Pros: "nice amount of leg room; check in was easy due to short line; security check in was very quick and I liked that! Coffee was good Staff friendly and helpful"

Pros: "I was seated close to the front so deboarding was quick. Crew was friendly."

Cons: "Had a middle seat in the row in front of an emergency exit so the seat did not recline. Seat wasn't all that comfortable to start. Fat guy sat next to me so I really only had 9/10ths of a seat."

Pros: "Very pleasant. Good service. Comfortable. Clear communication given by the attendants and crew. Helpful. Keep doing what you are doing. Don't change a thing... and I'll see you again for all my future flight needs."

Pros: "Flight attendants"

Cons: "Chair was broken. Delayed 3 hrs"

Pros: "Crew kept passengers informed about delays and why they were happening."

Cons: "Weather delayed flight by 2 1/2 hours."

Pros: "The flight was on time and the crew was friendly and professional."

Pros: "We were allowed to free check some carryon bags due to full plane."

Cons: "So crowded with the narrow aisles. Attendents constantly bumped aisle passingers with rolling carts. Aisle arm on my seat would not come up despite repeated attempts to push button."

Pros: "On time and friendly employees"

Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "Good value, pleasant staff, good flight"

Cons: "No problems"

Pros: "Staff was friendly and plane was clean."

Cons: "A little bumpy on the ride. Miss that there was no free snack and unable to get Pepsi."

Pros: "The seats on the flight to Florida were super comfy.... they were green and didn't shove my head forward - aisles were so much wider and more room in overhead - Free carry on was great MUCH PREFERRED OVER SPIRIT :) for a good price too"

Cons: "Seat not as comfy on the flight home (blue??)"

Pros: "Having a complimentary beverage. The food may have been good it I had any."

Cons: "We waited for 30 minutes in the airplane waiting for one person to show up. It would be nice to know why, was it a good reason? The piolet said nothing until we were in the air for over an hour. I think all the people waiting should have an explanation. So, the plane was 40 minutes late so I needed to wait another 2 hours for the next shuttle."

Pros: "We had a good flight from Phoenix to Minneapolis."

Cons: "A small snack would be a nice compliment to the beverage."

Pros: "Price"

Pros: "Boarding was fast and the direct flight was a huge plus!"

Pros: "I enjoyed te staff. Very warm and welcoming."

Cons: "I didn't like how cold it was."

Pros: "Everything"

Pros: "That the flight left right on time"

Cons: "The fact that there was no entertainment."

Pros: "First class upgrade"

Cons: "We were delayed going to Cancun ans again on the return. Hours in an airport is miserable."

Pros: "Pilot let us know what states we were flying over periodically....liked that. FPilot on flight to Seattle did not do that."

Pros: "Check in a breeze and staff friendly in Phoenix"

Cons: "Staff not as friendly in MN"

Pros: "Pilot was great"

Cons: "Could not get boarding pass on line after an hour of trying. Could not speak to customer service by phone, 45 minute wait. Message said 2 wait until @ Airport which was stressful. Long line @ ticket counter."

Cons: "Website doesn't work, waste of time. Was informed the flight was on time only to get to the airport and find out it was 3 hours late. Ended up leaving more like 3.5 hours late."

Pros: "The crew was amazing! They made the entire process very easy & painless."

Cons: "The airplane was quite humid. Granted, we were in Mexico in July, but it made the ride somewhat uncomfortable. Since the flight was only an hour and a half, it didn't give the cabin much time to cool down."

Pros: "Loved the attention to detail. The service was great. Good food as well!"

Pros: "-Speed of service -Food at the terminal -friendly service of flight staff"

Cons: "Terrible boarding process"

Pros: "Crew was friendly and professional."

Cons: "Luggage costs"

Pros: "All was good, also of note is the flight was not full"

Pros: "The staff at WestJet was very accommodating to me."

Cons: "Better snack choices"

Pros: "The crew did the best they could considering the delays."

Cons: "More information on the three-hour delay"

Pros: "The pilot got us to Toronto."

Cons: "Everything. Contrary to most of my experiences with WestJet over the past nineteen years, this was the worst, overall, trip I have ever had with them, from delays, to missing my connecting flight, to gross incompetence with the staff, to a failure to even empathize with our situation (with a baby!)."

Pros: "N/A"

Cons: "due to weather a pile of flights were cancelled, we had to call West Jet and get re-routed"

Pros: "Seat"

Cons: "Nothing"

Cons: "Flight was delayed two hours and not handled well by the airport staff. Boarding was a mess and disorganized. We were not kept informed of the reasons for delay."

Pros: "Entertainment system was easy to use"

Cons: "Boarding was chaotic, jammed, not that friendly."

Pros: "Comfortable seats. Nice staff."

Cons: "Poor entertainment. I usually watch movies on my iPad but there was no wifi and the available TV shows were not to my taste, the screens were small and not clear. The magazine was boring, no games to play. Flight delayed an hour for no apparent reason."

Cons: "No coffee"

Pros: "Flight was only delayed 20 minutes."

Cons: "Nothing."

Pros: "Super fast. All on time."

Cons: "I didn't like in a middle seat and being told that in order to move to an aisle seat I would have to pay $13.50. Normally with Westjet it was always free to change seats at Check in. It's frustrating when things change and you only find out at the time of check in rather than at time of booking."

Pros: "Very nice crew, good snack and drinks."

Cons: "LGA, the start was delay because of traffic jam...we spent 1 hr in the plane taxing."

Pros: "Flight was smooth and landed 17 minutes earlier. Bags arrived before I was in front of baggage area."

Cons: "Nothing"

Cons: "I miss the wedding party I was the bridesmaid"

Pros: "Free beer"

Cons: "2.5 hours late"

Cons: "Poorly organized departure lines had plane boarding late, resulting in a long wait on apron for takeoff slot. Late arrival in Toronto meant waiting for a gate, and then customs delay due to multiple arrivals at once"

Pros: "Service on plane. Attendants were delightful."

Cons: "Sat on the runway and it smelled of exhaust, which made me nauseous."

Cons: "Faulty weather radar on a stormy evening cancelled our WestJet PREMIUM ECONOMY flight. After deplaning and waiting for all passengers without checked bags to be rebooked, we eventually were on our way by car from LGA to JFK airport to meet a British Airways ECONOMY flight with only minutes to spare"

Pros: "Liked that personnel are diverse and inclusive."

Cons: "Personnel at West Jet counter did not communicate clearly and loud enough for passengers to hear compare to other persons from other airlines like Delta wherein person spoke clearly. Suggest further training on communication skills."

Pros: "WE HAVE SPECIAL NEEDS AND THEY WERE VERY HELPFUL TO HELPING USE WITH ARE NEEDS THANKS SO MUCH IT WAS A PLEASURE TO FLY WITH WEST JET CHEERS monica formosa and josephine formosa thankyou to all west jet employees such wonderful kind hearted people"

Pros: "They delayed the flight by 5 hours but forgot to tell everyone. Customer service dealing with the delays was horrible."

Cons: "Terrible service"

Cons: "The plugs don't actually charge anything... :-/"

Pros: "They were quick and efficient"

Pros: "It was good no complaints about the crew or flight"

Cons: "The snack they give is pretzels or two tiny cookies and the tv didn't work for most of the flight I know this isn't really something they should be criticized for but that's all I had to complain about"

Pros: "staff very pleasent"

Cons: "delays cancelled flights"

Pros: "Crew and food"

Cons: "No tv and boarding was a mess"

Pros: "very nice staff. comfortable seats"

Cons: "no ice for drinks. would have preferred in flight entertainment on seat backs"

Pros: "Always friendly"

Cons: "No complimentary drink all of a sudden"

Pros: "Our flight boarded on time, flew on time, with great crew service."

Cons: "Landing was delayed by weather and we circled for 45 minutes after a speedy, early flight."

Pros: "The flight was on time, there was enough room for carryons in the overhead bins"

Cons: "I did not have any food or use the entertainment options so that’s why I scored them low as I don’t know how good they were."

Cons: "this flight was cancelled after we boarded and no other flights were available until two days later - completely unacceptable for a 1-hour flight for which most people travel for a weekend, particularly when other airlines sent flights safely in the same conditions (Air Canada later that night, Porter early the next morning)"

Pros: "All staff were amazing"

Cons: "The Toronto airport has to be on of the most unorganized and disfunctional airport in the world. I have never seen any airport as poorly designed as this one. I would suggest that any traveller try to avoid this airport because I have never had a good experience at this airport."

Pros: "Good crew."

Cons: "Waiting. But not West Jet:s fault.Winfy in LGA. Snow on the ground in YYZ."

Pros: "Very pleasant crew. Complimentary wine was a welcome surprise"

Cons: "Not applicable"

Pros: "Very good"

Pros: "Free booze"

Cons: "Late"

Cons: "We were delayed by two hours and didn’t take off until 10 m which was a huge inconvenience"

Cons: "it was very good"

Pros: "The fly is in time"

Cons: "A bit of disorganization in the row where they reviewed documentation and the suitcases of three machines to print passages only served 1"

Pros: "Hilarious crew member. Great Canadian jokes"

Pros: "The crew were very helpful but no refreshments because of turbulence. Flight was low so very interesting to be below clouds and just above. Good notice of flight delay in time to stay home for two hours.... thanks!!"

Cons: "The flight was two hours late leaving.m Arrival in Toronto was so far from exit and thru customs was very slow... new machines."

Cons: "The bag of treat I got with my coffee don't remember what it was but it had no taste. I tasted it and discarded the rest."

Pros: "Fast boarding"

Cons: "Flight attendant was a little pushy"

Cons: "Our flight was delayed. At the gate no one announced anything, agents were just standing there looking around. People had to approach them one by one to see the reason for the delay."

Pros: "I liked the pilot who flew the 6.35 WS 1512 on Jan 3 rd to Toronto, which was delayed, and finally left at 7:19. It is the first time I flew on an airplane and barely felt any pain in my ear. The take off and the landing were professionally done. Kudos to that female pilot! The crew were quite hospitable and friendly as well. Thank you so much."

Too much delay in the first two flights, so I lost the connection to the final destination.

Cons: "Include the luggage into the price of the ticket, Brazilian airliners often charge luggage separately."

Cons: "Flight was an hour late. Should have boarded 30 minutes earlier!"

Pros: "the plane"

Cons: "checkin experience, app and web terrible"

Pros: "Very efficiently run"

Cons: "The boarding process IX too disorganized. No announcements in eff flash. Only Portuguese. They had everybody standing in lines 90 min us period to plane leaving."

Cons: "I had two USB chargers at my seat, but neither worked :("

Pros: "Crew and baggage people were very nice."

Cons: "Sao Paulo to Floripa flight, did not pay for baggage. Floriap to Sao Paulo, paid 60 Real. I bought ticket through Kayak. Am 100% sure that I picked 1 bag for baggage claim. I don't understand how GOL missed that!!! It did not say on Kayak receipt. Am very angry!! Want refund of 60 Real!!!!!"

Cons: "Everything perfect . Marcia was very professional and very helpful person boarding at the gate . Employees like her makes the difference . Tks"

Pros: "Aeronave"

Cons: "Serviço de bordo"

Pros: "Entertainment"

Cons: "Punctuality"

Pros: "Aircraft was comfortable"

Cons: "Checkin crew had very little knowledge of laws and almost avoided my nephew to board the plane even with proper documentation. Flight was delayed more than an hour. Poor communication to explain why"

Pros: "I always have a good experience with Gol, the Gol Confort Seats are great, attentive crew, puncntuality."

Cons: "I have not had my flight GRU - SSA because I'm stuck in Buenos Aires in Aerolíneas Argentinas Hell"

Pros: "Part of the crew was very attentive and well humored. Food was delicious. I appreciated the leg space and the wider bathrooms."

Cons: "There was no USB not outlet charger. The touch screen was not working well, the console was loose and the movie options were all outdated."

Pros: "Crew was fine. Flight was full. Good leg room. Tight being between fellow passengers."

Cons: "Check in was confusing."

Pros: "Crew was very kind and attentative."

Cons: "Seats were not comfortable and didn't recline much."

Pros: "On time"

Cons: "Space"

Pros: "Food was good"

Cons: "Este vôo tem constantes atrasos na saída do vôo."

Pros: "Crew attention"

Cons: "Possibility to do check in online, it’s stupid to say that because I’m a foreigner I can’t do it online"

Pros: "Gogo entertainment system"

Cons: "At the boarding gate, passengers were asked to volunteer to leave the carry on to be stored downstairs. My carry on was returned all scratched and missing my name tag."

Pros: "poor food. extremely poor food."

Cons: "it would be expected to actual food(2 meals) on a 7 hour flight."

Pros: "punctual, airline staff were accomodating"

Cons: "nobody speak English"

Pros: "Toasted seeds snacks were great."

Cons: "Land crew was a bit annoying asking to drop hang luggage. And the flight was a bit delayed."

Pros: "The check in and punctuality of boarding, take off and arrival was excellent. The flight was enjoyable. I would travel again."

Cons: "I didn’t like the snacks."

Cons: "It was very hot on the plane. Very little air conditioning."

Pros: "Good landing"

Cons: "Messed up when looking for a seat ..many people from front door n many people from back door"

Pros: "- Comfortable seat and clean aircraft at a reasonable price & time - On-time"

Cons: "- Kayak displayed that 1 checked bag was included in fare when it was not"

Pros: "Boarding was organized and punctual."

Pros: "On time and great customer service"

Pros: "Better snack"

Cons: "Snack"

Cons: "Extremely uncomfortable seats for such a long flight 10 hrs"

Pros: "el vuelo estuvo bastante bien"

Cons: "casi perdemos el vuelo porque no nos podian despachar las valijas, nadie hablaba ingles o español para que nos podemos hacer entender y terminamos pagando el doble por despachar el equipaje"

Pros: "Las instalaciones en perfecto estado todo en funcionamiento"

Cons: "Los sobrecargo un poco antipáticos deberían de colocar más aeromozas"

Pros: "Cabinstaff were friendly and professional"

Cons: "Just water and pretty small snacks"

Pros: "Quick boarding, smooth flight, and my checked bag was waiting for me at the carousel by the time I got down to baggage claim. All in all, a very easy flight"

Cons: "The carry-on bag policy is a bit unusual so I ended up checking the suitcase I’d typically bring as carry-on"

Pros: "In general is fine, but the same price of all the other airlines . I flew 3 hours and no tv! (and no meal) I'd fly Avianca next time: They all have your personal tv and gives you meal even for short flights."

Cons: "It was on time."

Cons: "Incluir español en la comunicación en el avion"

Pros: "We lived in Brazil 4years ago. The airport experience was miserable. Today I lived the dream. I booked online without a cpf onKayak. Got to the airport early...honored my Delta status seamlessly. Changed my flight easily. No arguments over baggage fees and delta status. GOL rocked it today!"

Pros: "Punctuality"

Pros: "The crew. They are very careful."

Cons: "They charge me by my baby stroller! They lost part of my bag. Never more I will travel by GOL."

Pros: "Price"

Cons: "Every step of the way from checking in to picking up the baggage was very frustrating... one of the worst flying experiences I have had."

Pros: "Everything was great."

Pros: "Plane itself was fine, fairly spacious and comfortable."

Cons: "Check in São Paulo was hectic and disorganized and my bag never made it on the flight after I checked it in- was not offered any vouchers or apology. I am left without any luggage in the jungle and will have to cancel my Amazon Jungle tour as I do not have my proper equipment needed."

Pros: "No entertainment available. No monitors on seats..."

Pros: "It was a short flight so there was no entertainment and I believe the snack was just a snack. But neither of those two things were necessary anyway, I was quite happy to just take the short trip without. I like GOL, it's a nice airline and the people all seem very happy to work."

Cons: "Although not really necessary, it would have been nice if the inflight magazine could also have English because most of us first language English people don't speak a second language, unfortunately!"

Pros: "Arrived earlier than scheduled"

Pros: "The crew was very professional. Pilots made the flight really smooth."

Cons: "WiFi didn't exist on board (even being that they advertised it on every place they could)"

Pros: "The crew was very professional. Pilots made the flight really smooth."

Cons: "WiFi didn't exist on board (even being that they advertised it on every place they could)"


How can I get insanely cheap flights? ›

Here are 13 proven tips to help you find cheap flights:
  1. BE FLEXIBLE. Be flexible with locations, airlines, dates, etc. ...
  4. SEARCH OFTEN. ...

How reliable is kayak for flights? ›

Kayak is just as reliable as other travel search engines, so there's no need to wonder, "can I trust Kayak?" In reality, it can often be more reliable than third-party booking sites since its users are driven to individual travel providers for booking.

How do I find the cheapest flights regardless of destination? ›

How to search 'Everywhere'
  1. Step 1: Enter your departure point. You can type in your local airport, or if you're feeling extra flexible, enter an entire country. ...
  2. Step 2: Enter 'Everywhere' in the 'To' box. ...
  3. Step 3: Enter your dates. ...
  4. Step 4: Pick cheapest flights to everywhere and anywhere.
Feb 2, 2022

What day are plane tickets cheapest? ›

So what are the cheapest days to fly? Typically, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday is the cheapest day to fly. If you can structure your travel schedule around these days, these will likely be the best days to fly – both for a lower cost and a less-hectic airport experience.

Will flights get cheaper in 2023? ›

“In 2023, we expect that [trend] to reverse and year-over-year fares to fall,” Keyes said, pointing to Federal Reserve data indicating recent, modest drops in airfare—a shift that comes as airlines have begun to add more flights, fueling competition.

Do flight prices go down on Tuesday? ›

Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the cheapest days to fly domestically. The cheapest days to depart if you're flying within the U.S. are midweek — generally Tuesday or Wednesday. For economy tickets, Tuesdays are about 24% lower than peak prices on Sundays, which translates to savings of about $85 per ticket.

What airlines are not covered by Kayak? ›

Here is a partial list of airlines that are excluded from the fare listings of various online airfare booking sites:
  • Orbitz: Sun Country, JetBlue, Southwest, SkyBus, Allegiant, USA 3000.
  • Travelocity: Southwest, SkyBus, Allegiant, Virgin America.
  • Kayak: Southwest, SkyBus, Allegiant, USA3000.
Oct 29, 2007

Does Kayak have hidden fees? ›

Prices come straight from the travel sites to your screen, with no extra fee from KAYAK. When you've chosen your preferred deal, the provider of that deal simply pays us for either redirecting you to their site or helping you to book with them. This makes our service totally free for our users.

Can you book flights directly on Kayak? ›

Kayak provides numerous benefits and makes it easy to compare the cost of airfares across multiple airlines. However, you cannot book directly with Kayak. Instead, you are sent to the airline's website or another online travel agency to complete your reservation.

Do flights ever get cheaper closer to departure? ›

Specifically, plane tickets usually don't get cheaper closer to the departure date. Instead, flights tend to be the most inexpensive when you book between four months and three weeks before your departure date.

What is the best day of the week to book a flight? ›

An curved arrow pointing right. Data from the new 2023 Air Travel Hacks Report from ARC and Expedia reveals the best day to book flights. Avoid booking on a Friday. The best day of the week to book your airfare is a Sunday.

Where is the cheapest place to fly right now? ›

The US Destinations with the Most Cheap Flights in 2022
  1. The Hawaiian islands. Deals sent Dec 2021-May 2022: 125.
  2. New York metropolitan area, New York. ...
  3. Greater Los Angeles, California. ...
  4. Miami/Fort Lauderdale, Florida. ...
  5. San Francisco Bay Area, California. ...
  6. Las Vegas, Nevada. ...
  7. Washington, DC. ...
  8. Boston, Massachusetts. ...

How far in advance should I book a flight 2023? ›

Don't try to book your flight more than a month or two in advance unless you're flying internationally or around a major holiday. Even then, it's wise to “book smarter, not sooner.” You shouldn't book more than 6 months in advance to score the best prices on airfare.

What is the cheapest airline? ›

Spirit Airlines

What is the cheapest month to buy airline tickets? ›

♦ Cheapest month to fly: January or February

For the lowest fares on domestic flights, travel in January or February. But for international trips, you'll find the cheapest fare in August.

What months are cheapest to fly 2023? ›

Cheapest Days to Fly 2023: Winter
  • Cheapest fares: January 7 to February 28.
  • Cheapest single travel day: January 21.
  • Best days of the week to fly: Tuesdays and Wednesdays, followed by Thursdays.
  • Days to avoid: Prices are higher February 14-20 due to Valentine's Day and President's Day weekends.
Dec 26, 2022

What are the cheapest weekends to fly in 2023? ›

In 2023, Sunday is the prime day for purchasing the cheapest plane ticket, according to Expedia. Avoid booking on Fridays if possible, because, compared to Sunday, research showed that it can cost you an average of 5% more money on domestic flights, and 15% more internationally.

Will travel slow down in 2023? ›

Americans Plan To Travel More in 2023

Yet, 2023 travel trends show no slowdown.

What time of night do flight prices drop? ›

Tuesday Around Midnight is the Cheapest Time to Book

And midnight later in the week actually gets more expensive. So put the "always book at midnight" myth to bed.

What day of the week are flights most expensive? ›

Fewer people fly in the middle of the week, meaning those who do can take advantage of cheaper prices and more options. On the opposite end, the last day you'll want to depart is Sunday. Sunday is the most expensive day to fly domestically and internationally.

How do I save flights on kayak? ›

As an added feature to the KAYAK app, we're giving you the option to “freeze” your flight search results for a small fee. Find a great deal but not ready to commit? Tap the Price Freeze icon.

Is it cheaper to buy tickets directly from the airline? ›

If a person does go to the airport in an attempt to buy a last-minute plane ticket, they may find the ticket prices to be immensely higher than if they were to book online. Ultimately, there are no advantages to buying tickets directly at the airport.

Does kayak own Cheapflights? ›

Cheapflights is a travel fare metasearch engine. The website is part of the subsidiary of Booking Holdings. Its websites publish flight prices, and compare prices from suppliers, including major airlines, through tiny travel agents.

What is hacker fare on kayak? ›

What's a Hacker Fare? Instead of making you book one round-trip ticket from a single airline, KAYAK plays airfare matchmaker by finding two one-way tickets that together make a round-trip flight. Sometimes that means you might take a different airline home than the one you took to your destination.

Will my kayak tip? ›

Generally, kayaks are safe and don't just tip over for no reason. Most of the time when someone experiences this, it's due to a lack of balance or conditions on the water outside of their control. For example, it's rather difficult, even for a beginner, to tip over in a recreation kayak on a calm river.

What airlines allow kayaks? ›

Virgin America, Southwest, Frontier, and Alaska Airlines are some of the major domestic air carriers that are capable of accepting boats and kayaks today. If you're travelling internationally, or with a different airline, make sure you do your research before you buy your tickets.

How much does it cost to fly with a Kayak? ›

Kayaks are not considered part of your check-in baggage allowance and typically cost $100 to $200 one-way, depending on the airline and size of the kayak.

Does Kayak charge a booking fee? ›

There are no fees for Standard and Plus plans. For similar requests outside of 24 hours of booking, or non-US markets, in addition to airline company fare rules, our processing fees apply.

How to search for flights without the price going up? ›

Always search for flights in incognito or private browsing mode to see the lowest prices. In Google Chrome or Safari, incognito is enabled by hitting Command (or “Control” if using PC), Shift, “N”.

When to buy international flights 2023? ›

You're generally going to want to book international travel further in advance than you would domestic travel — start gauging these flight prices six to seven months in advance while planning on booking three to five months in advance.

What time of day is best to buy flights? ›

According to Skyscanner's research, the best time to book on any given day is around 5 a.m. So, it's true that the early bird gets the worm. Or, the flight deal, that is. In addition, whether you want to save on domestic or international flights, you should also fire up your laptop on Sunday.

Is it cheaper to buy a plane ticket at the last minute? ›

Is it cheaper to book a flight at the last minute? We've said this before, but it's worth repeating at the outset—no, it's really not cheaper to book a flight at the last minute. Yes, last minute travelers used to score the occasional fare so low it might have induced shock, but that's no longer the case.

How much in advance should I buy for a flight? ›

When to Book Flights for Domestic Travel. According to a 2022 study by, on average, the best time to purchase plane tickets for a domestic trip is about 76 days before your departure date. Keep in mind that this is an average — it doesn't mean you should log on exactly 76 days before travel.

What do you need to travel in 2023? ›

You must present an acceptable ID, such as a valid passport, state-issued enhanced driver's license or U.S. military ID, to fly within the U.S. You will not be allowed to fly if your identity cannot be verified.

Why is airfare so high right now 2023? ›

The main reasons why flights are so expensive in 2023 are post-pandemic high demand, inflation, and high fuel prices. Will flight prices go down in 2023? It is uncertain if flight prices will go down in 2023, as the travel industry is still recovering from the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Will flight prices go down a month before? ›

Answer: Prices drop for flights around 60 days away from departure. This is a loose rule with a window of 45-90 days out, but I usually find my best prices about two months away from traveling. Prices also drop based on sales by the airlines and other promotions for specific destinations.

What is hidden city ticketing? ›

Hidden city ticketing is when you buy a ticket with the intention of leaving the plane at a stopover, rather than the final destination. These types of journeys have the potential to save you a lot of money in comparison to a non-stop flight.

Do airlines increase prices based on searches? ›

It's not about how you're searching: It's about where you're searching from. Some flight search platforms and even individual airlines can charge drastically different amounts based upon the point-of-sale – or at least where the website thinks you're buying a ticket.

Do flight prices go up the more you search? ›

No, your search history doesn't affect flight prices.

"We run thousands of searches every day, day after day. If prices were rising based on those previous searches, we'd see it."

What is a ghost flight booking? ›

To recap: Ghosting is when a fare shows up in the search results of an OTA or flight search site like Google Flights, but when you go to book it, it's no longer available It's a bummer when a great fare ghosts, but there's nothing you can do about it.

What is a throwaway ticket? ›

Throwaway ticketing is purchasing a ticket with the intent to use only a portion of the included travel. This situation may arise when a passenger wants to travel only one way, but where the discounted round-trip excursion fare is cheaper than a one-way ticket.

What is a hacker fare? ›

A "hacker fare" is when you book a one-way trip with one airline, and then a one way trip back from another airline. Many online travel agencies are actually posting the hacker fares now. You can always check out their deals, but you can look for your own, too. And if you take the time, you can find a better deal.

What time of day is best to buy airline tickets? ›

According to Skyscanner's research, the best time to book on any given day is around 5 a.m. So, it's true that the early bird gets the worm. Or, the flight deal, that is. In addition, whether you want to save on domestic or international flights, you should also fire up your laptop on Sunday.

Do flights get cheaper closer to the date? ›

While there can be a fair amount of price fluctuation several months before travel, once you get within a few weeks of your flight, that airfare is very unlikely to come down, according to Scott's Cheap Flights. The reality is that last-minute offers just don't come around as often as travelers may think.

Does clearing cookies make flights cheaper? ›

Will clearing my cookies help me find a cheaper flight? No. Skyscanner is unbiased and, as mentioned above, the flight prices we display are based on what travel providers (online travel agencies and airlines) tell us they are.

Do flight prices go up same day? ›

Not only do airfares change often over the life of the fare, it can also change during the day. Factors that can impact these mid-day changes include flight demand, flight availability and external factors like COVID-19 virus and even geopolitics.

What is the best way to book flight tickets? ›

👉 Find cheap flight tickets to Honk Kong here.
  1. 10 Tips for Getting Cheap Flight Tickets.
  2. Fly during the working weekdays.
  3. Have a look at airline websites.
  4. Think about the time of departure on the day you book your flight.
  5. Booking tickets via the app.
  6. Last-minute deals aren't always cheaper so book early.
Oct 13, 2022

Do Airline prices change at midnight? ›

Tuesday Around Midnight is the Cheapest Time to Book

We found that travelers who search for flights on Tuesday at midnight save about 6% on their flights, making this the cheapest time of the week to book. In general, flights were slightly cheaper at midnight earlier in the week (Monday through Wednesday).


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